From Wambierzyce to Broumov

Baobab, 2021

This collection of stories is the result of six days of walking and roaming through the countryside around Broumov, a town located in the Hradec Králové Region in the Czech Republic, at the border with Poland.
During this pilgrimage – that marked the first of the three Invisible Lines' workshops, Landscapes, held by Juraj Horvàth – the artists collected tales from a rich array of storytellers met along the way. The countryside around Broumov holds traces of many layers of history, from the medieval spiritual landscape, baroque re-Catholicization, the terrifying 20th century, the ferocious capitalistic expansion of the 90s, as well as traces German, Czech and Polish influences.

The book is edited by Juraj Horvàth and Tereza Horvàthovà and features 12 original short comics and two essays by Ivan Foletti and Tereza Horvàthovà.


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