Invisible Lines: Landscapes, Borders, Revelations

TaBook Festival, Czech Republic
2 – 4 September 2021
BilBOlbul International Comics Festival, Italy
2 – 5 December 2021
Fine Arts Academy of Bologna
(via delle Belle Arti 54, Bologna)
Festival Central Vapeur, France
Spring 2022 – to be announced

Invisibility can mean a lot of things. After all, much of what we experience every day, whether we realize it or not, is invisible. But how can we draw what cannot be seen? How to transform into images feelings like the sense of belonging to a community of people or living on the fringes of it? How to express all our small everyday rituals, the habits we inherited from our families, the reasons that tie us to a place, our faith and our existential questions? These were the central questions that guided twelve young artists in a journey through Europe. They started as twelve people in search of a way to make the invisible visible. After this experience, Bim Eriksson, Clara Chotil, Mia Oberländer, Marco Quadri, Lisa Ottenburgh, Elena Pagliani, Omar Cheikh, Barbora Satranská, Lode Herregods, Lucie Lučanská, Katarzyna Miechowicz and Léopold Prudon became a harmonious group.

They first wandered in the outskirts of Broumov, in Czeck Republic, under the guidance of Juraj Horváth, looking for the invisible strings of history passing through natural and urban landscapes. Then they went on to Venice, trying to capture with Stefano Ricci the elusive and spiritual soul of the city. Finally, they arrived in Strasbourg, where Yvan Alagbé gave them the chance to draw the stories of some of the refugees hosted at the Bernanos Centre and to work on the concept of border.

This collective exhibition is the story of this journey, the visual representation of invisibility in its many forms, the result of a unique experience.


Tabook is an international festival dedicated to small publishing and illustration organized by the publishing house Baobab Books every year in Tábor, Czech Republic. Tabook lasts only a few days, but its spiritual and practical impacts develop throughout the year. The goal of the festival is to build a space where the world of small publishing can meet. Tabook Festival highlights the most important personalities of contemporary books, quality publishing and all activities related to it. The commitment and presence of publishers at the festival is crucial: Tabook is not just a marketplace, but provides publishers with a real opportunity to meet their readers. The program is conceived as an in-depth exploration of a specific topic and the different phenomena connected to it, and it also includes the Baedekr Festival, which further elaborates the theme together with the festival guests.



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Central Vapeur is an association of professionals concerned by the future of illustration and comics in the Strasbourg region. Every year, it organizes a Festival devoted to developing the illustration industry, highlighting national and European productions, defending the quality of local creations and helping in their identification.


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