Italy - Revelations

Stefano Ricci

Fondazione Giorgio Cini, Venice (Italy)
June/July 2021
between 5 and 7 days

The workshop is held at the Centre for Comparative Studies and Civilisations of the FGC, which promotes the dialogue on spiritualities and cultures, fostering both knowledge and aesthetic production. The mentor, Stefano Ricci, will guide the participants to retrace a path where artistic inspiration takes the shape of a revelation: artists will be requested to live draw, searching for tiny personal epiphanies. Then, the material collected will take the form of a story composed in an elementary graphic/narrative structure.

Artists will cross their artistic process with different religious and visual traditions, and will discover the incredible FGC library heritage composed of books, miniatures and incunables. Renown comic book artist David B. will also be part of the workshop as guest artist, and will hold a masterclass during the residency.

Final days will be dedicated to the construction of a collective book: an opportunity to understand deeply, with a choral practice, the technical aspects that complete the art of drawing and writing.

Portfolio of Stefano Ricci's artwork, mentor of this workshop.

Stefano Ricci Stefano Ricci Stefano Ricci Stefano Ricci Stefano Ricci Stefano Ricci