France - Borders

Yvan Alagbé

Strasbourg (France)
July 2021
between 5 and 7 days

The mentor, Yvan Alagbé, guides the workshop inspired by the experience of the young refugees of The Bernanos Centre in Strasbourg, which welcomes them. According to their recorded testimonies, participants are requested to produce drawn reportage about their experience of border crossing (physical, but also cultural or psychological borders). The stories are created in 4 days, in the premises of Central Vapeur, a former industrial site at 500 meters from the german border.

On the 5th day participants are joined by eight illustrators selected by Central Vapeur (students, professionals, members of the associations, refugees being integrated, local or European authors...) for the 24 heures de l’illustration #5. The group will work for 24 hours: in this time artists will produce between one and four images for posters about the subject of the workshop. On the last day Central Vapeur prints participants' images and showcases their artworks, prints, and originals for a one-day ephemeral exhibition.

Portfolio of Yvan Alagbé's artwork, mentor of this workshop.

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